Do you think you have found the one? Are you planning that moment to ask that special someone to marry and spend the rest of their life with you? The entire process of finding the perfect ring and planning the most memorable moment in La Jolla or wherever you decide to propose can feel incredibly scary. Though we can’t necessarily tell you how to ask her to marry you, we can help you find the perfect ring. Today, on our blog we want to go over some of the basic styles of rings that are available so you can better know what you’re special someone may want.

Traditional & Elegant

A traditional style ring will usually be a solitaire setting meaning there is one diamond set in the middle of a plain band. Though this style of ring may seem simple, you still have a few style options. To have the diamond set lower than traditional solitaires, consider a trellis or basket setting. Add accent diamonds on the band or a peekaboo diamond that sets under the main diamond in the part of the ring referred to as the gallery or undercarriage.

Stylish & Outgoing

Rings that exude a stylish or outgoing quality will usually have a diamond set higher with little diamonds set on the band of ring. These types of rings may have a halo setting: the main diamond is encircled with smaller diamonds. Halo settings often cause the main diamond to appear larger and the entire ring to sparkle and dazzle.

Outdoors & Nature Lover

If your fiancé-to-be loves being out in nature, appreciates flowers, spends ample time out in the garden, consider a ring with leaves, vines, and flowers or other elements of nature. Also, if she spends most of her time outdoors, consider a bezel setting or a thin metal band that will completely encircle the diamond: This ring setting may better secure the diamond in the ring and prevent the stone from becoming lost.

Romantic & Timeless

If your partner loves romantic and vintage styles then a ring matching that style with milgrain details, filigree, scrollwork, intricate galleries or small dainty bands may be just what she would love. Often vintage or romantic rings are one-of-a-kinds that will be unlike anything her friends are wearing and come in a variety of size and style options.

Modern & Contemporary

A modern or contemporary styled ring can be a great option for the woman who wants something sleek or wants something other than a ring with a main center diamond. A bezel setting can be a great option for those looking for a simple ring; another style option to consider is a ring with a wide band and many little diamonds. Some women are opting for rings that have other gemstones as the main stone such as sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. There really is a million options to choose from when finding the right ring.

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