In our last blog post we began exploring the history of the world’s most stunning and famous diamonds to be ever found. Some of these diamonds include The Cullinan Diamond, a white diamond of unmatched size, as well as the the Koh-i-Noor Diamond another white diamond of unparalleled size both set in the crown of British royals. We also briefly looked into the intriguing history of the Wittelsbach Graff Diamond. Read part 1 to learn more about these diamonds and others or continue reading part 2 to learn more about other famous diamonds such as the The Hope Diamond, the Noor-ul-Ain Diamond Tiara, and more

The Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond has a complicated past. Originally found in 1642 in India, the Hope diamond, a dark grayish blue gem originally weighing 132.00 carats, was placed in Louis the 14th’s royal crown. In the chaos of the French Revolution, the diamond was stolen and resurfaced with Henri Thomas Hope a diamond dealer years later. Though there is debate if this diamond currently called the Hope Diamond really is the same diamond, but generally it is accepted as the original diamond or at least a part of the original. Much superstition surrounds this stone, as well: According to legend, the diamond brings bad luck to anyone who possesses it.

Taylor-Burton Diamond

The Taylor-Burton diamond has more modern origins than its counterparts. This pearl-shaped  white diamond weighing in at 69.42 carats was set in an engagement ring given by Mr. Richard Burton to Elizabeth Taylor. As the stereotype goes, the couple divorced and in 1987 the diamond was put up for auction. The profits from the auction was used by Taylor to build a hospital in Africa.

Noor-ul-Ain Diamond Tiara

The Noor-ul-Ain Diamond is a sight to beheld not only because of it’s color and size, but also it’s setting. The diamond was placed in the Noor-ul-Ain Diamond Tiara given to Empress Farah Diba as a wedding present when she married the last shah of Iran Mohammad Reza. What makes this diamond so mesmerizing is its color—pink. Pink diamonds are incredibly rare and with it surrounded by other colored diamonds, it is truly stunning.

Other Famous Diamonds

Blue Moon Diamond

This blue diamond was found by Petra Diamonds in 2014 and is dubbed the most expensive diamond in the world. This diamond now known as The Blue Moon of Josephine is 12.03 carats and flawless.

Tiffany Yellow Diamond

Considered the biggest yellow diamond in the world, originally, the Tiffany weighed in at 287.42 and was cut down to a still stunning 128.54 carats.

Dresden Green Diamond

The history of the Dresden can be traced back to 1722 and is coveted for it’s rare green color.

Aurora Butterfly of Peace

The Aurora Butterfly of Peace is a private collection of diamonds held by Alan Bronstein. Bronstein’s collection is unrivaled by many and contains every color of the rainbow which is impressive considering the rarity and expense of most colored diamonds.


These are just a few of some of the most famous and magnificent diamonds that have have been found. Others due to their color or their complicated history have delighted the imagination and eyes of many.

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