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I Need to Buy a Ring – Part 2

On our last blog, we began talking about how to pick out an engagement ring for your significant other. Buying a ring can be a tricky endeavor and wrought with a lot of false expectations and complications. In our last post, we stated that the first step to buying an engagement ring is  establishing a budget. Setting a budget will determine every other step after that. You don’t have to go into debt or break the bank to get something nice that your significant other will love. The second step is to find out what they like. Regardless if you completely surprise them, pay attention to what they like! On to step 3!

Step 3: Find Out Her Ring Size

This an important step: you must find out the size of her finger because it can get pretty awkward if you’re down on one knee and you go to slide the ring on their finger and it doesn’t fit. If you decide to go out ring shopping, most likely the jeweler will ask what their ring size is. However, if they don’t, make it one of the first things you do. If you want to make the proposal a complete surprise, secretly swipe one of her rings from her jewelry box and have it measured or even recruit help from one of her friends.



Step 4: Get to Know the Four Cs

The four Cs are an important part of the ring buying process and directly affects how much you spend on a ring. The Four Cs are:

  • Cut — refers to the quality of the cut. Light will reflect from one facet to the other if the stone is cut well.
  • Color — diamonds come in a few different colors from colorless to white, to yellow, brown, and others.
  • Clarity — refers to a stone’s imperfections. The fewer imperfections, the clearer the stone will be.
  • Carat Weight — tells you how big the stone is.  

Knowing which of Cs are the most important to you and your significant other can save you a lot of time and headache finding a ring that you love.

Stay tuned to learn more about picking a diamond ring and be sure to check our jewelry buyers selection of beautiful rings. Our diamond buyers would love to help you find a ring that you love and possibly get rid of one that you don’t. Visit our website or come by our La Jolla location!