In one of our previous blogs, we discussed some of the most famous cursed jewels, which includes the mysterious Hope Diamond. With such a unique history, could it be possible that this stone wreaks havoc on the life of its possessor? Why is this diamond believed to be cursed and who has suffered the wrath of the mysterious stone?

Why is it cursed?

Legend has it that a priest plucked the diamond from a brow of a Hindu idol and was tortured to death as punishment. The diamond disappeared for some time and some believe that Hindu priests placed a curse on the diamond as an act of retribution.

Victims of the Hope Diamond

Jean-Baptiste Tavernier

How did the Hope Diamond make its way to Europe? Sometime in the 1600s, this French merchant probably stole the diamond from an unknown location in India. Tavernier sold the gem to King Louis XIV, who had the stone recut in 1673.  Soon after delivering the diamond to the king, some say Tavernier suffered a terrible fever, which would ultimately kill him slowly. It’s also said that his corpse was later ravaged by a pack of wolves, but we remain skeptical.

King Louis XIV

Also known as the Sun King, King Louis XIV believed that he was a direct representative of God and divinely chosen to be the king of France. As it turned out, he was quite mortal, dying from gangrene years after purchasing the diamond.

Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette

Although King Louis XVI inherited the diamond, his wife, Marie Antoinette, wore it. Both suffered terrible deaths during the French Revolution. In 1792, his family was found guilty of treason, and Louis was later beheaded in the Place de la Revolucion. Marie Antoinette would also lose her head only months later.

Marie-Louise, Princesse de Lamballe

A young widow, Marie-Louise was a friend of Marie Antoinette. Unlike other members of the royal inner circle, Marie-Louise held more progressive views and dedicated quite a bit of time to charitable organizations and civic improvements. Following the imprisonment of the royal family, Marie-Louise was imprisoned as well and asked to renounce her loyalty to the royal family. When she refused, an angry mob stabbed and bludgeoned her to death. She was then decapitated and her head was mounted on a spike and displayed in view of Marie Antoinette’s cell window.

James Todd

In 1958, postal worker James Todd was tasked with delivering the Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian Institution. Just a year after delivering the jewel to the museum, Todd was in two separate accidents, which crushed his legs and resulted in a head injury. His home also burned down and both his wife and dog passed away. Todd himself believed his bad luck had nothing to do with the diamond, but we’re not so sure.

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