The diamond buyers of H. Moradi Fine Jewelers are your professional jewelry buyers and traders for the La Jolla area and beyond. We specialize in offering quick and simple valuations that are always backed by integrity and we are some of the highest rated traders in the area. We buy fine gold jewelry, diamonds loose or set, Rolex watches and other fine jewelry. We are happy to give you cash immediately for your diamond ring or help you find a piece of jewelry for trade. Before you bring your jewelry into one of our La Jolla locations, here are some things you should know.

Is It Really Yours?

Though you may feel that because this engagement ring has been on your finger and was technically given to you, that it really is yours to sell. However, it’s best to always understand legally who really owns your ring. In some cases, the ring might be considered yours because it was given to you and in others, it was a gift and belongs to the giver. Or in the case of a divorce, it may be the property of both parties. In the state of California, if the receiver of the ring calls off the marriage, it is the giver of the ring that receives it back. However, if the giver of the ring calls off the wedding then the receiver keeps the ring. Its best to always check with the laws of the state in which you were married, to know who gets the ring or its value.

Do Your Research

If you are able to sell your engagement ring to diamond buyers, then it is always best to do your research as to how much your ring might be worth. Though, when you work H. Moradi Fine Jewelers, you do not have to worry about not getting the full and honest value of your ring, it is always good to be knowledgeable about what you have, especially if you choose to work with other traders.

Before Selling Your Ring You Should

Once you know that you can sell your ring and have done your research there are a few other things you should do before you bring your ring to the diamond buyers of H. Moradi Fine Jewelers.

Clean Your Ring

It is always best to clean your ring before you bring it to buyers. Your ring will look more impressive and you may get more for your ring if you do make it sparkling clean.

Include the Original Box

As with a valuable item, having the original box will make your engagement ring even more valuable to diamond buyers because they will be able to sell it as a complete package.

Get Repairs Done

As with getting your ring cleaned, having it repaired will also help you gain a higher value for it and thus more cash.

Gather Paperwork

If you have access to the paperwork such as certificates guaranteeing the authenticity of your diamond, gather them and bring them with you.

Selling your engagement ring to our jewelry and diamond buyers is easy and we never ask questions. Contact us online or visit one of our two locations in La Jolla.

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