It’s that time of year when lights are being strung up all over LaJolla and we are looking at our gift giving list and planning the perfect gifts for those who are most special to us. Buying gifts can be fun, but it can also be a difficult endeavor. If you are having trouble finding a gift for that special someone in your life, we at H. Moradi Jewelers would love to help you buy a gift that they will love. Keep reading to learn more about great holiday gifts!  


There is a reason for the saying “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Diamonds are beautiful and can take any piece of jewelry from pretty to “wow” with just the addition of diamonds. Also, diamonds look beautiful on every skin tone and can work well with any style, adding that extra sparkle to any outfit. The jewelers and diamond buyers of H. Moradi would love to help you find a diamond necklace, bracelet, or ring that your significant other would love. Because we are jewelry buyers, we can offer a variety of styles and settings that you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

Designer Watch

We also offer designer watches of various name brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piaget. Because we are jewelry buyers, we can guarantee that each watch in our inventory is authentic and we have a wide selection of modern and vintage styles. If your loved one is tired of their old style, why not suggest a trade? We can pay cash or make a trade so you can give them a new watch that will freshen up their style and that will remind them of you.  


Who doesn’t love a piece of fine gold jewelry? Gold has been a desired adornment since the discovery of this precious metal. Gold not only has intrinsic value, but like diamonds, gold can also go with a variety of styles and be included in all types of jewelry pieces. We have a variety of modern and vintage pieces that we know your significant other will love. We can also trade out old pieces for new ones and our jewelers can help you find something that is unique, will fit your price point, and will delight the receiver.  

Designer Jewelry

Designer jewelry can be a great gift for the fashionista in your life, especially if they love unique pieces that they can’t find anywhere else. Any piece of jewelry can take an outfit from put-together to the best dressed list, but rarely is it done so well as by a piece of designer jewelry. At both of our LaJolla jewelry store locations, we have modern and vintage designer jewelry that may become a go-to piece for your loved one’s special event outfits or a staple of their daily wardrobe.

Instead of buying what everyone else is buying for their significant other this holiday season, shop our online inventory or visit one of our LaJolla locations to find something unique and beautiful. Ready to clean our your jewelry? Our jewelry buyers would love to help you get cash for the value of your jewelry or trade in for a new piece that you will love. Learn more about H. Moradi Jewelers, shop our inventory, or find a location on our website!