If an older, wealthy loved one has just passed away, along with feeling their loss you may be tasked with dividing up their assets and finding a home for things like grandma’s massive collection of spoons and her extensive collection of vintage, high-end jewelry. These times after a loved one has died can sometimes make or break a family because of the possessions left behind. Though we understand wanting to keep grandma’s rings or grandpa’s watch, why not sell them instead? This can be an easy way to make sure everyone gets their rightful share and to keep the family together —  which is what your loved one would have wanted.

What Do I Need to Do to Sell Estate Jewelry?

When you decide to sell estate jewelry, if you have never done so before, you may be unsure how to even go about the process. There will be a lot of people, both honest and dishonest, vying for your estate jewelry, so you should know who to work with and who will give you the most for your money.

Only Sell To Jewelry Buyers

The first step to success is to only sell to professional and experienced jewelry buyers like La Jolla’s H. Moradi Jewelers. Not only will you get the most for your money, but you will also know that you’re steering clear of those that might take advantage of you. As you consider your options for who you will ultimately work with, always avoid those that advise you to mail your jewelry to them for an appraisal. Chances are you won’t see your jewelry again.  

Keep Your Expectations in Check

It could be easy to think that you are “going to make out like a bandit” when you sell your grandmother’s or grandfather’s jewels. However, it’s best to know how to manage your expectations. Your loved one’s jewelry is special to you and will have sentimental value. However, the jewelry buyers will only be judging your jewelry by its intrinsic value, i.e. how much it is actually worth based on market prices. If your grandmother’s diamond necklace is actually made from cubic zirconia, you won’t receive a payout for a diamond necklace.

Get It Cleaned

Even though the most experienced jewelry buyer will be able to see the pieces value through the dirt and grime, it is always better to get your piece cleaned. Presenting your jewelry looking its best will garner a good first impression that will set the tone of the entire transaction. When cleaning your jewelry, avoid cheap options or cleaning it yourself; it can seem like you’re saving money when you buy a cleaning kit at your local hobby store. However, if you don’t clean it correctly, you could seriously damage your piece and, as a result, damage it’s value. Shortcuts rarely save you money, but usually greatly reduce your payout.  

Bring Original Packaging

If your loved one saved the original box and paperwork associated with the watch, diamond ring, or gold necklace bring it with you. Having the original box can be a great way to present it to buyers and the original paperwork will help jewelry buyers give you exactly what your piece of jewelry is actually worth. The more documentation the better!

If you are ready to sell your gems to jewelry buyers in La Jolla, visit one of the locations of H. Moradi Jewelers. We provide jewelry buying services with integrity and care. We understand how much a certain piece may be worth to you and will never pressure you into selling it until you’re ready. To learn more about our jewelry buyers in La Jolla, visit our website!