Hello and welcome back to the H. Moradi Jewelers blog! We are happy that you are here and hope that you can find useful and interesting information about fine jewelry and the process to sell jewelry! In our last blog post, we began discussing how to sell your used jewelry for cash. The first step to selling your jewelry is always to manage your expectations. It’s easy to get excited and expect a big payout for that one vintage diamond necklace that your aunt gave you. You must understand the objective value versus the subjective value that your aunt, and subsequently, you have placed on your jewelry. Also, you must understand appraised value, versus the value of your jewelry for the jewelry buyers. Read part one to catch up or continue learning more in part two.   

Evaluate Your Piece

Before you go to sell your jewelry, it is important that you have your piece evaluated. This will not only give you a better idea of what to expect when you take your piece to the actual jewelry buyers and give you confidence in your negotiations. To begin, look on sites such as Ebay to learn what similar pieces are selling for. You can get your jewelry professionally appraised. However, if you are short on cash, you can also take your piece to a local diamond buyer or pawnbroker. We recommend getting second and third opinions by taking it to a few qualified evaluators to understand how much your piece might truly be worth. Also, keep in mind that a buyer may discount your piece so that they can eventually turn a profit.  

Prepare It For Sale

Before you take your piece to sell to jewelry buyers, you must prepare it. It’s easy to show up with the piece as is, only dusting it off. However, a few extra steps can fetch a greater value. Consider getting your jewelry restored and professionally cleaned so it looks its absolute best and sparkles again. You can clean the item yourself, but taking it to the professionals will give you piece of mind that you won’t ruin your jewelry and it will look its best for the jewelry buyers.

Sell It to Our Jewelry Buyers

The next step is to actually sell it the the jewelry buyers. Before you step into the a place such as H. Moradi in La Jolla and speak to the jewelry buyers, you should bring any applicable receipts if you bought the piece, the original box it came in if you have it, and any other paperwork that you might have about the authenticity of your piece. Also, have a price in mind that you would like receive for your piece and dress nicely. You don’t have to show up in your Sunday’s best, but showing up looking put together will not only make a good impression, but will give you the ability to speak more confidently during possible negotiations.  

If you are ready sell jewelry, come visit H. Moradi Jewelers in La Jolla. We offer cash for gold, diamonds, and other pieces. We would love to work with you and offer you cash for your jewelry or to help you pick out a trade-in piece that you would love to wear. Come see us or contact our jewelry buyers today!