The holidays are over and it’s time to figure out a place to put all of the gifts we received this year. For those who have been collecting jewelry for a long time or love having an extensive collection of unique and designer pieces, it can be hard to find one more free corners in the jewelry box or wherever else you store your jewelry. If you have this problem, perhaps a new jewelry box or storage accessory is needed or maybe it’s time to clean out the old to make room for the new. Today, we are going to talk about early spring cleaning and how to have a jewelry collection you will love.

What Is Your Gut Telling You?

When you are going about the process of cleaning out your jewelry, there are several questions  that can make your ultimate decision to keep a piece of jewelry easier. First, you need to go with your gut. For most people their gut is trying to speak to them all the time to help them survive and make good decisions throughout the day. There is a reason why we have intuition and other “gut” related feelings. If your initial reaction is to get rid of it, listen and don’t over think your decision too much.

How Long Has It Been?

Another means for deciding what will stay and what will go is to think about how long it’s been since you have worn it. A good indication that it isn’t a go-to piece is if you have to blow dust off of it just to look at it. There are, of course, some pieces that must be kept due to their sentimental value and sometimes pieces do come back in style. However, why not have something that you love and can wear now?

How Does It Make You Feel?

In Marie Kondo’s book The Art of Tidying Up, she details a philosophy for deciding what will stay in your home and what will need to find another place to reside. If something makes you happy, then keep it. Kondo makes a good point that being surrounded by things that make us happy and evokes positive responses are things that should stay in our life and decorate our homes. Why should the pieces that adorn our bodies be any different? If a piece of jewelry doesn’t make you happy, then get rid of it.

What Do You Need?

Another great way of deciding what should stay and what should go is coming to a conclusion about what you need. Do you need several chunky gold and diamond encrusted necklaces that are almost identical or would a new piece better serve your style and wardrobe needs? Often breathing new life into our style or clothing options is done simply with a new or different type of necklace, bracelet, or piece of jewelry.  

Is it Time For a New You?

With the coming of the new year, are you ready to change, become the person that you’ve always wanted to be, or do that thing that you’ve always experience of achieve? Maybe it’s time for a change. Change could come in the form of trading out new pieces for those that are old or selling old jewelry that has fallen out of favor and opting for cash, cash that can fund those dreams and aspirations that you have for the new year.

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