At H. Moradi Fine Jewelry in La Jolla, we love to see people find the perfect piece of antique or designer jewelry. There is something so special about a diamond ring or unique bangle that has a special history, an individual look, and its own story to tell. So many of our pieces match that description exactly! We’ve got necklaces from the turn of the century, unique rings from decades ago, and beautiful bracelets that will help you make a statement wherever you wear them. If you love beautiful, unique, and glamorous fine jewelry, you’d love our selection at H. Moradi! Bring in your own designer pieces that you no longer wear and either get cash for your pieces or trade for one of ours. We’re interested in precious stones, diamonds, designer jewelry and watches, gold items, and so much more! Have questions about one of your items or something that you saw that last time you were at our La Jolla jewelry store, contact us today!

In part one of our blog series about decluttering your jewelry box, we discussed the value of ridding your life of clutter. Clutter is scientifically proven to release stress hormones in our brains and can be an extremely frustrating thing to deal with. Clutter can also waste so much time. When you’re rifling through piles of fine jewelry to find the perfect piece, it can be an extremely long and arduous process. Finally, decluttering your jewelry box can lead to you getting actual cash for your diamonds, gold, and precious stones!

In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss the reasons why you should sell your designer jewelry, antique pieces, and items with precious stones if you’re no longer wearing them regularly. Continue reading below to learn more.

The Six-Month Rule

It’s a common suggestion made by organization experts that if you haven’t worn something in six months, you probably don’t need it anymore. This rule can apply to clothing, perfume, and fine jewelry. Now, we understand that you may have a unique piece that is one-in-a-million and you only break it out for the occasional formal dinner or high-end fundraiser. Aside from these pieces, it’s smart to rid your jewelry box of the fine jewelry that’s simply collecting dust.

Decluttering Feels Great

There is something so incredibly therapeutic about decluttering your jewelry. When you have a nice, clean, organized jewelry area that is filled with only the pieces that you wear on a semi-regular basis, it can feel great! Additionally, the less jewelry you have, the less you have to worry about cleaning and maintaining.

Get Cash for Your Fine Jewelry

The idea of donating your diamond earrings is probably appalling to you, however, the idea of getting instant cash for your designer, antique, and fine jewelry might be a game-changer. Would you rather trade your fine jewelry for another unique item? Take a look at our inventory! We’ve got pieces from countless decades and we’d love to talk more about trading!

If you’d like to learn more about getting cash for your diamond jewelry, designer watches, or other fine gems, contact H. Moradi in La Jolla today!