Welcome back to H. Moradi Fine Jewelers’ blog. Last time, we discussed the meanings of birthstones. Each month has its own fine gem or stone associated with it. Over the centuries, each of these pieces has developed its own stories and meanings. We’ve highlighted some of our favorites. Read on to learn more and visit H. Moradi Fine Jewelers, your preferred jewelry buyers in La Jolla.


July’s birthstone takes its name from the Latin word for red, Rubeus. Rubies are can be found around the world in places like the US, Thailand, and Vietnam. Because of its vivid red color, the gem is often associated with blood, life, courage, and love. For many centuries, it was believed that wearing a fine ruby would grant the wearer good fortune. Even today, the ruby is one of the most valuable gemstones.


The distinct lime-green color of August’s birthstone can’t be found anywhere else. Peridot is one of just a handful of gems that exist in one singular color. Hawaiian folklore claimed that the gem was actually the hardened tears of the great volcano goddess, Pele. These brightly colored gems are thought to bring the wearer good luck and ward away nightmares while sleeping.


Few gems match the deep blue hues of September’s sapphire. This gem is not only beautiful but also durable making it nearly impossible to scratch. Since ancient times, sapphires have been used to represent fidelity, honesty, and purity. Indeed, for many years, sapphires were the preferred gem for engagement rings before diamonds.


October’s birthstones are nearly as mysterious as the month itself. Tourmaline and opal both can display a wide variety of colors and hues in one single stone. These gems were seen as symbols of hope and love by the Romans. The Greeks felt that these stones granted the wearer mystical powers, like the gift of foresight and prophecy, and grant them protection from disease.


November’s birthstone, topaz, takes its name from the Greek name for St. John’s Island, Topazios. The island was famous for its mines full of the pale yellow gems. But the stone comes in nearly every shade of color in the spectrum, from rusty reds to beautiful blues. Topaz grants strength and intelligence to anyone who wears it and has long been associated with feelings of love and fidelity.


Turquoise, December’s birthstone has been steeped in mystery and legend across many centuries and cultures. Native American tribes in the Southwest believed that turquoise granted them protection, and wore them across many jewelry pieces. The pale blue gem is also thought to ward away negative energy, and grant the wearer good health, and good luck.

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