Just about every person who comes into our store on Prospect Street in La Jolla asks the same two questions: “Is this really all estate jewelry?” and “Where do you get it all from?”

Our specialty is finding and buying estate jewelry, which technically is any kind of previously owned jewelry. It can be something as old as your great-grandmother, or it can be something that was just purchased last year. Most of our jewelry pieces are between 20 and 70 years old.

What all of these items have in common is that they were hand-picked and chosen by us for their beauty, quality, craftsmanship and good value. Since we are not paying for the labor that went into making the piece, we can acquire very good quality jewelry at much better prices than what the manufacturer would charge. And that means better prices for the customer.

Where do we find all these treasures? We shop!

–We go to Estate Jewelry trade shows all across the country, working and dealing with a wide group of jewelers who are buying and selling every day, just like us. We never know what we will find, which is what makes it so much fun.

–We buy from private individuals who want to sell their family heirlooms, or their older jewelry that they haven’t worn in a while.

–We buy from our own customers who may have purchased a diamond or other stone from us and would like to upgrade to something different.

–We buy from auctions and estate sales around the country and world.

The Estate Jewelry marketplace is very dynamic and ever-changing, which makes it that much more compelling for the customer. Our mission when we go shopping is to find the most beautiful jewelry at the best prices. It’s that simple.

So now it’s your turn to come and see what we found!!

Happy shopping!