It’s easy to collect a stockpile of pretty, sparkling jewelry over the years, especially if you inherited some fine vintage jewelry from a relative. After of seeing the same jewelry taking up space in your jewelry box for years, these older pieces tend to lose their literal and proverbial shine. They are old news. Instead of feeling like you are shopping in your jewelry box when you’re looking for that statement piece, you start to feel like you’re rummaging through a junk drawer. Sometimes we will fall in love with an old piece of jewelry, and sometimes we won’t and that’s okay.

Sell Jewelry to the Jewelry Buyers of H. Moradi

If you feel frustrated with that dusty pile of old jewelry and feel like you don’t have anything to wear, why not sell your jewelry for cash or trade it in for something different? We at H. Moradi Jewelers offer cash or trade-in credit when you sell jewelry to us. We accept fine jewelry, diamonds, luxury watches, and gold jewelry. If you are interested in selling your old jewelry to us, come visit us at either of our La Jolla locations or contact our jewelry experts! To learn more about how to sell jewelry to the jewelry buyers of H. Moradi Jewelers, keep reading!

Manage Your Expectations

The value that we place on an heirloom piece of jewelry, or really any piece of jewelry can be subjective. It could be the diamond necklace that you inherited from your favorite aunt who tells you the story of how your uncle carried it with him in his backpack all throughout the Great War. It could be a bracelet from your father who said it was made from exotic pearls. No matter what it is, when you are about to sell jewelry, you must become objective. Though the jewelry buyers may enjoy the story of why your jewelry is special to you, ultimately, they will be evaluating it based on the value of the stones that may or may not be diamonds and the actual condition of the piece.

Appraised Value vs. the Seller’s Value

Also, you must know the difference between the appraised value and the amount that you will actually get from the jewelry buyer. The appraised value of your jewelry will be based on the cost of replacing the item — usually for insurance purposes. However, when the jewelry buyer looks at your piece of jewelry, they will be looking at your piece’s beauty, rarity, materials, condition, etc. Understanding how your piece will be evaluated, as well as managing your expectations will allow you to get greater enjoyment out of the selling process.   

This is just the first step in the process to sell jewelry. To learn more about the process, stay tuned for part two of this short blog post series. If you have jewelry that you want to sell, the jewelry buyers at H. Moradi Jewelers would love to help you! Contact us to learn more about selling jewelry to us, and be sure to check out our website to see what brands we retail.