We all have gold jewelry that we’ve had for a while that no longer fits or fits our style. Or maybe we’ve grown tired of it or it was given to us from a significant other that is no longer in our lives. Regardless, for many of us our jewelry box has become a museum more than a place to store the jewelry that we wear. Why do we keep the jewelry that we no longer wear? Why not get cash for it?

Why Sell It?

No matter your reason for not wearing your gold jewelry, your jewelry box shouldn’t look like a museum of style or favorite jewelry gone by. Get cash for gold jewelry! The jewelry buyers of M. Moradi can give you cash for your gold jewelry immediately. Or, instead of getting cash for your jewelry, trade it in for a piece that you really love. No matter what you decide or your reasons for getting rid of your jewelry, when you bring your jewelry to us, we never ask questions.

Our Buyers

When you bring your jewelry to us, you can trust that you will get an honest valuation. The buyers of H. Moradi of La Jolla have one goal in mind and that is to give you an honest, simple, and quick valuation. We are some of the highest rated traders in the area and are happy to work with you when you want cash for gold jewelry. So why wait to trade your old jewelry in when you could start enjoying a debt-free life, take that once in a lifetime trip you’ve always wanted, or simply have a little extra cash?

Get Cash Today!

The gold market is always shifting and could drop at any time. Don’t wait to bring in your gold jewelry to your jewelry buyers. Contact us online or visit one of our two locations in La Jolla! Get cash for gold today!