Birthstones have been a fun way to connect a rare gem to your birth month for centuries. The practice has been especially common in the US since about 1912, when jewelers began to sell jewelry to people looking for unique ways to mark a birthday. There are 12 stones to represent the 12 months, each with their own special meanings. Join H. Moradi Fine Jewelers as we discuss the first six months and their stones!


Garnet is the birthstone of January. Its color ranges from red to brown and black, to even orange and yellow. Legends say that garnet can protect the wearer from nightmares. In ancient times, the Pharaohs of Egypt wore garnet necklaces, and the Romans used them to stamp wax seals on important documents.


February’s birthstone is Amethyst. Its striking purple color makes it a popular choice for both yellow and white metal arrangements. Its warm color made it an ideal match for many crowns and jewelry pieces for royalty. The ancient Greeks believed that by wearing it, they could appeal to Bacchus, the God of Wine and that they would be spared the intoxicating effects of drinking too much if they wore the gem.


The azure tones of Aquamarine make up March’s birthstone. Literally meaning seawater, aquamarine can be found in a wide range of blue colors: from a light blue to a deep blue-green. This gem was carried by early sailors to bring them good luck on their voyages. The calming, relaxed color was also thought to bring courage and clarity to individuals, and couples, making it a popular choice as an anniversary gift for a newly married couple.


Diamond’s may be a girl’s best friend, but they’re also April’s birthstone. These brilliant gems have been highly valued for centuries, and are the hardest gems of all. Some myths say that diamonds were created when lightning struck the earth. Others claim that the durable gem has healing powers. If you’re looking to sell your diamond jewelry, we pay cash for it immediately!


Emerald’s impressive green color has been long associated with the season of spring, and are the birthstone for May. These gems symbolize youth, rebirth, and longevity. Cleopatra, the ancient queen of Egypt, laid claim to all of the empire’s emerald mines because she loved them so much. The green coloring of the gem can be deepened by heat treating the stone.


Legends have called June’s birthstone “the tears of the gods.” Pearls are the only gemstone that are formed by a living creature, oysters. Pearls come in colors that span from pale cream to rose and lilac. Their timeless appearance makes a fine addition to any formal or casual outfit.

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