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We have extensive knowledge in signed and designer pieces such as Tiffany, Cartier, VCA, Chopard, Roberto Coin and many more.

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As a locally-owned, trusted business, our goal is simple—to make trading in and selling jewelry easy. Individually working with each one of our customers, our jewelry buyers believe in providing a friendly, professional atmosphere, where you not only feel comfortable, but trust us and the offer we make when you decide to sell jewelry.

Our jewelry buyers have thirty years of jewelry experience and will offer you the best possible price for your pieces. We also offer the option to trade your jewelry in towards the purchase of something new.  Whatever your desire, we will work hard to offer you the best solution.

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David Webb

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De Laneau

Di Modolo

Doris Panos


Elizabeth Locke

Erica Courtney

Fred Paris

Frederique Constant

Gerald Genta

Giovanni Ferraris

Gregg Ruth


Hearts on Fire

Henry Dunay


Ilias Lalaounis

Judith Ripka



Laura Munder


Marco Bicego

Marina B.




Oscar Heyman


Pasquale Bruni

Patek Philippe

Paul Morelli

Penny Preville




Roberto Coin





Stephen Dweck

Stephen Webster

Tiffany & co.

Vacheron Constantin

Van Cleef & Arpels




What You Should Know When You Sell Jewelry

If you have never sold your jewelry, the experience my seem daunting. Whether you have a necklace or ring from an ex or you’re simply tired of your watch that you’ve had for twenty years, planning to sell your jewelry can give you cash — which we could all use — or value to pick our something that you will like to wear. The first place to begin is with the simple basic steps.

Know the worth.

Whether you love or hate your jewelry, there is essentially a sentimental value attached to it. Maybe your grandfather carried it across Europe to bring it your grandmother or perhaps it was a gift from your late father. Unfortunately, the emotional value does not translate over to affect the actual market value of the piece. Wear and tear as well as current market values will determine it’s worth. When you get your piece appraised, keep in mind that the appraiser is simply looking at the piece that is sitting right in front of him.

Be informed.

Before looking to sell your jewelry in La Jolla, be informed about the value of your piece. Before you get your jewelry appraised, consider doing your own research. You won’t know the true value of your actual piece from a simple internet search, but you will have an idea what to expect from meeting with an appraiser.

We always suggest approaching a certified appraiser to get an idea of what your piece is worth. We also suggest getting a second or even third opinion, so that you know that whoever is assigning value to your jewelry that they are giving you the most accurate value. We at H. Moradi have an extensive knowledge of designer brands and so you can rest assured that when you sell jewelry to us, you are getting a fair price.

Be realistic.

As we mentioned above, there is a possibility that your jewelry may seem like it is worth more than its appraisal value. This is one reason why it is always best to get a second opinion. Also, when you sell your jewelry, know how much you are willing to accept for its value before you contact the jewelry buyers.

Tips For Selling Your Jewelry

Once you’d decided that you want to get rid of a piece of jewelry, it’s easy to want to toss it into a box and head over to your local jewelry buyers right away. Before you come over to our La Jolla jewelry store, there are a few things you must do.

Get your jewelry cleaned.

First, you must get your jewelry cleaned. Though an experienced jeweler can probably see through layers of dirt and grime that may have accumulated with years of wearing your jewelry or storing it in your dusty jewelry box, it is always best to get your jewelry cleaned by a professional. Also, invest in professional cleaning instead of do-it-yourself kits. A pro will not only be able to clean your jewelry thoroughly and without damaging the piece, but they can make recommendations for necessary fixes that could garner you more cash when you wish to sell your jewelry.

Bring original case.

Though having the original case may not make a big difference in the cash you get from selling your piece to our jewelry buyers, it is always a great idea to present your jewelry with the original case if you have it.

Gather documentation.

Though the original case of the jewelry isn’t always necessary, bringing all documentation associated with it is important. Documents of appraisals and certificates can help the current appraiser ascertain the actual value of your piece. If you fail to bring the documentation, you may incur losses simply because the appraiser didn’t know the true value of your stone.

Don’t trust anyone.

It is always best to get a second opinion and if your gut is telling you not to trust the person that is appraising your jewelry or buying it from you, listen! There are a lot of shady operations out there that don’t have your best interest in mind. Be sure that whoever is appraising your jewelry is certified.

Never mail your jewelry.

Never mail your jewelry to an appraiser. This poses several risks to you and could result in you losing the cash you are owed for your jewelry. When your mother said never to send cash through the mail, the same concept applies here. Though it doesn’t always happen, there is a good chance that your mail could end up in the wrong hands. Part of selling your jewelry is listening to your gut and being in the room with the appraiser and mailing doesn’t allow you to have that experience. Also, you are putting a lot of faith in the appraiser; you are assuming that they will send you what you are owed. Don’t take a chance. Always sell jewelry in person.

Read review of jewelry buyers in your area.

Your gut can be an excellent judge of character, and doing your own research ahead of time can also provide you some insight into your interactions with jewelry buyers. However, reading reviews of jewelry buyers in the area is also a great idea. Like with anything else, reading reviews can give you insight into who in La Jolla you should trust with your jewelry.

We hope that you will choose H. Moradi Jewelers in La Jolla and that these tips are helpful as you consider selling your jewelry. We would be happy to talk with you, and provide you with additional information that can help you get the most cash for your jewelry.

What to Learn More?

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