All of us love rings, but what do you do when your ring goes out of style or you no longer like it? Do you let it gather dust and take up space in your jewelry box or dresser? Do you hope that one day you’ll wear it again? You can, but you don’t have to. Why not sell your ring or trade it in for something that you will actually love and wear?

Why Sell It?

You may have many reasons for selling your ring: you no longer like it, you don’t or can’t wear it, or it’s from a nasty breakup. Whatever the reason, the jewelry buyers of H. Moradi Jewelers in La Jolla never ask why. We simply offer a valuation and give you cash for it immediately. So why not sell your unwanted rings and pay off debt, take yourself on a once-in-a-lifetime trip, cushion your savings, or use the cash for whatever you please?

Our Buyers

As mentioned, the jewelry buyers of H. Moradi Jewelers never ask questions when a client presents a ring or other piece of fine jewelry to sell. Our main goal when working with you is to give you a quick and simple valuation that is backed by integrity. Our jewelry traders are some of the highest rated; each takes pride in giving you the best experience when you sell your ring to us.

Get Cash Today!

Market values for diamonds, gems, and precious metals can drop at any moment. Don’t wait! Sell your rings to the jewelry buyers at H. Moradi Jewelers today to get the full value of your jewelry. Contact us online to inquire more about us and the value of your ring or visit one of our La Jolla locations. Sell your rings to us today and get cash immediately!