1. Sell Jewelry 101: How to Get Cash Now

    Welcome back to the H. Moradi Jewelers’ blog! Today, we are going to walk you through the basic steps for selling your jewelry. It is exciting to consider getting cash for your jewelry, but if you’ve never done it before, it can seem overwhelming. However, if you are working with the right jewelry buyers, they can help you through the entire selling process.  Read today’s blog to learn more…Read More

  2. Why You Shouldn’t Sell to a Pawn Shop

    In our last blog post, we shared what you should and shouldn’t do when wishing to sell your jewelry. When you wish to get cash for your jewelry, there are plenty of “options” vying for your jewelry, and though pawn shops can be a safe way to get cash fast, you will often lose out. Keep reading to learn more about how pawn shops work and why it is best when you desire to get cash for your jew…Read More

  3. What to Know When You Want to Sell Jewelry

    There are some pieces of jewelry that are passed down for generations and stay with you your entire life. However, for some pieces, there comes a time to part with it. Whether you are in need of cash or want to trade in your old dusty piece of jewelry for something new, there are some things you should know before you make a listing on Craigslist or take a trip down to your local pawn shop. Keep r…Read More

  4. The History of Watches – Part 3

    The watch has become a staple of many people around the world. It has become a way to keep up with the demands of life and has also become a means to make a fashion statement. Some wear their watches to make sure that they catch the train on time and others wear theirs simply for its sentimental value. No matter why you or those you know wear a watch, these miniature timepieces have become a part …Read More

  5. Christmas is Coming!

    Happy holidays! We hope that you are enjoying all the holiday season has to offer us in La Jolla. What kind of holiday shopper are you? Do you plan months in advance and have to find long-term hiding places for all your loved one’s gifts? Or are you the type that is caught running around frantic to find something the day before? Regardless, H. Moradi Jewelers offers beautiful jewelry that you wo…Read More

  6. What is Costume Jewelry?

    Welcome back to the H. Moradi Jewelers’ blog! Our blog is the place to learn about all things jewelry — both practical and interesting. In our last blog post, we discussed some of the steps to take to determine the worth of your jewelry. In another previous post, we talked about Victorian jewelry and propensity of designers to include symbolism in their pieces. Today, we are going to dive back…Read More

  7. 3 Steps to Tell How Much Your Jewelry Is Worth

    If it is your first time diving into the world of jewelry, you find that there is a lot to know about jewelry and you would be right. However, there are certain basics that will put you miles ahead of those who are uneducated. In our last blog, we discussed the difference between estate jewelry, vintage jewelry, and antique jewelry. To get a full understanding of these terms, read our last post, b…Read More

  8. What is Estate Jewelry?

    Welcome back to the H. Moradi Jewelers blog! Our blog is the place to learn about all things jewelry-related. In our last blog, we gave a brief history of Victorian jewelry. The Victorians loved to include as much symbolism in their jewelry as they could. A message would be “hidden” in a piece of jewelry based on not only the shape, but also the stones included. Read our last post if you misse…Read More

  9. Victorian Jewelry & Symbolism

    Welcome back to the H. Moradi blog! In our last blog post, we took a break from giving advice from our jewelry buyers and shared a few examples of how jewelry has held power. We briefly explored history, culture, and literature. Today, we are going to take a look at history once again and look at Victorian jewelry and its place of high regard that it held in the culture of the time. What’s the B…Read More

  10. The Power of Jewelry

    Welcome back to the H. Moradi blog! Jewelry, and how we adorn ourselves has power. A diamond necklace might not have actual superpowers, but it can possess a type of power. It can transform an outfit, it’s beauty can silence a room, or empower the wearer to walk more confidently. Today, on the H. Moradi Jewelers blog we are going to take a break from our jewelry buyers providing tips for buying …Read More