1. Why You Shouldn’t Sell to a Pawn Shop

    In our last blog post, we shared what you should and shouldn’t do when wishing to sell your jewelry. When you wish to get cash for your jewelry, there are plenty of “options” vying for your jewelry, and though pawn shops can be a safe way to get cash fast, you will often lose out. Keep reading to learn more about how pawn shops work and why it is best when you desire to get cash for your jew…Read More

  2. What to Know When You Want to Sell Jewelry

    There are some pieces of jewelry that are passed down for generations and stay with you your entire life. However, for some pieces, there comes a time to part with it. Whether you are in need of cash or want to trade in your old dusty piece of jewelry for something new, there are some things you should know before you make a listing on Craigslist or take a trip down to your local pawn shop. Keep r…Read More

  3. How To Sell Used Jewelry for Cash

    It’s easy to collect a stockpile of pretty, sparkling jewelry over the years, especially if you inherited some fine vintage jewelry from a relative. After of seeing the same jewelry taking up space in your jewelry box for years, these older pieces tend to lose their literal and proverbial shine. They are old news. Instead of feeling like you are shopping in your jewelry box when you’re looking…Read More

  4. The Long-Lost Art of Decluttering, Pt 1

    Welcome back to our blog page here at H. Moradi Fine Jewelry in La Jolla! Though we’re always used to the beautiful weather here in gorgeous Cali, springtime seems to always be accompanied by the idea of cleaning the nooks and crannies, decluttering those long-forgotten closets, and getting rid of things that you no longer need. We love seeing people take on this energetic excitement that always…Read More

  5. Understanding Your Birthstone Part 1

    Birthstones have been a fun way to connect a rare gem to your birth month for centuries. The practice has been especially common in the US since about 1912, when jewelers began to sell jewelry to people looking for unique ways to mark a birthday. There are 12 stones to represent the 12 months, each with their own special meanings. Join H. Moradi Fine Jewelers as we discuss the first six months and…Read More