1. How Do I Sell Estate Jewelry? – Before You Sell

    If an older, wealthy loved one has just passed away, along with feeling their loss you may be tasked with dividing up their assets and finding a home for things like grandma’s massive collection of spoons and her extensive collection of vintage, high-end jewelry. These times after a loved one has died can sometimes make or break a family because of the possessions left behind. Though we understa…Read More

  2. “How Do I Pick An Engagement Ring?”

    Welcome back to the H. Moradi blog! In our last few blogs, we have been discussing how to sell jewelry for cash. You don’t have to hold onto a jewelry box full of unworn, dusty jewelry. Sell your vintage and high-end jewelry to us and we will give you cash or provide you the opportunity for a trade. To learn more about the process of selling your jewelry, catch up on our last short blog series, …Read More

  3. How To Sell Used Jewelry for Cash – Part 2

    Hello and welcome back to the H. Moradi Jewelers blog! We are happy that you are here and hope that you can find useful and interesting information about fine jewelry and the process to sell jewelry! In our last blog post, we began discussing how to sell your used jewelry for cash. The first step to selling your jewelry is always to manage your expectations. It’s easy to get excited and expect a…Read More

  4. The Long-Lost Art of Decluttering, Pt 2

    At H. Moradi Fine Jewelry in La Jolla, we love to see people find the perfect piece of antique or designer jewelry. There is something so special about a diamond ring or unique bangle that has a special history, an individual look, and its own story to tell. So many of our pieces match that description exactly! We’ve got necklaces from the turn of the century, unique rings from decades ago, and …Read More

  5. Understanding Your Birthstone Part 2

    Welcome back to H. Moradi Fine Jewelers’ blog. Last time, we discussed the meanings of birthstones. Each month has its own fine gem or stone associated with it. Over the centuries, each of these pieces has developed its own stories and meanings. We’ve highlighted some of our favorites. Read on to learn more and visit H. Moradi Fine Jewelers, your preferred jewelry buyers in La Jolla. July July…Read More

  6. 10 Tips to Help You Sell Your Old Jewelry

    Is your jewelry box overflowing? Jewelry is one of those items that seems to slowly accumulate over a lifetime. Maybe you got a ring from an aunt when you were in high school, inherited some of your grandmother's old jewelry, and then slowly built up your own collection as an adult. It's unlikely that you are able to give all of those items the time and attention that they deserve. There are proba…Read More

  7. How to Determine If the Stones In Your Jewelry Are Real

    Fake gemstones have become more and more sophisticated over the years. There are some fake gemstones on the market today that could easily fool someone who doesn't have the kind of experience that our jewelry buyers do. If you are thinking about selling your old jewelry, you'll want to determine whether or not those gemstones, pearls, diamonds, and gold are real before contacting potential jewelry…Read More

  8. Spring Cleaning is Coming Early!

    The holidays are over and it’s time to figure out a place to put all of the gifts we received this year. For those who have been collecting jewelry for a long time or love having an extensive collection of unique and designer pieces, it can be hard to find one more free corners in the jewelry box or wherever else you store your jewelry. If you have this problem, perhaps a new jewelry box or stor…Read More

  9. Christmas Ideas For That Special Someone

    It’s that time of year when lights are being strung up all over LaJolla and we are looking at our gift giving list and planning the perfect gifts for those who are most special to us. Buying gifts can be fun, but it can also be a difficult endeavor. If you are having trouble finding a gift for that special someone in your life, we at H. Moradi Jewelers would love to help you buy a gift that they…Read More

  10. Our Diamond Buyers Discuss the Curse of the Hope Diamond

    In one of our previous blogs, we discussed some of the most famous cursed jewels, which includes the mysterious Hope Diamond. With such a unique history, could it be possible that this stone wreaks havoc on the life of its possessor? Why is this diamond believed to be cursed and who has suffered the wrath of the mysterious stone? Why is it cursed? Legend has it that a priest plucked the diamond fr…Read More