1. Where do we get all of our jewelry from?

    Just about every person who comes into our store on Prospect Street in La Jolla asks the same two questions: "Is this really all estate jewelry?" and "Where do you get it all from?" Our specialty is finding and buying estate jewelry, which technically is any kind of previously owned jewelry. It can be something as old as your great-grandmother, or it can be something that was just purchased last y…Read More

  2. 3 Things to Know About Fine Jewelry

    Most of us have grown up with jewelry whether it was something that we as children constructed from string and plastic beads, it was a best friend necklace made for plated metal, or an expensive necklace with precious stones handed down to us as a right of passage. Though most of us have jewelry, and some have fine jewelry, most do not know how about the technical terms that relays the objective v…Read More

  3. Famous Diamonds: Past & Present – Part 2

    In our last blog post we began exploring the history of the world’s most stunning and famous diamonds to be ever found. Some of these diamonds include The Cullinan Diamond, a white diamond of unmatched size, as well as the the Koh-i-Noor Diamond another white diamond of unparalleled size both set in the crown of British royals. We also briefly looked into the intriguing history of the Wittelsbac…Read More

  4. Famous Diamonds: Past & Present – Part 1

    Diamonds have been a fascination to diamond buyers and the common man alike for centuries for their sheer beauty and rarity. When in the presence of a rare, high-quality diamond, its color, sparkle, and shape can be mesmerizing. The settings that some of the most famous diamonds have been placed in are a few of the most beautiful man-made sights to behold. Each diamond is unique and can have value…Read More